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All new models are made with a sustainable mindset, without the use of any tropical woods.

All woods used are non-endangered and non-CITES listed species  (CITES = Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) .

   All new models are Local-Wood-Chalenge (LWC) registred by the European Guitar Builders association (see external EGB's LWC-link)

NEW WORK / Nouvelles œuvres

Guiding prices and orders further down

• GROOVE-CAT Deluxe / Full body semi-acoustic archtop

- Highly figured maple top
- Eucaliptus back/sides & pickguard

- Maple neck
- Rocklite-
Ebano® fingerboard

- Bridge: maple & lilac

- Bartolini floating pick up

- Double acting titanium truss rod

- Hand rubed natural oil finish

- Size; 143/4 inch @ lower bout
- Body join at 16th fret

Groove-Cat Deluxe; full body semi-acoustic archtop guitar with the typical clear definition and high responsiveness of my previous archtops, but, due to its special construction and inner architecture, this model has a remarkable longer sustain which makes this instrument suitable for a wider variety of styles.

Although this model is intended to be played through an amplifier, it still makes a rather quiet but surprising warm woody acoustic sound when played unplugged, ideal for at home conditions. The neck joins the body at the 16th fret, giving very good accessibility to the higher regions. This instrument was designed and custom-made for the great jazz player; Guillaume Muschalle

• The BEETLE-FT 2020, Flattop model

- Acoustic flattop

- Spruce top and braces

- Maple neck
- Bog oak fingerboard,

   back & sides,

- Playing action can  be

  adjusted by pivoting neck

- Barbera sadle pick up

- Hand rubed natural oil finish

- Size;  16 inch width

Clear as a bell

Due to its unique design and architecture the Beetle-FT is a very open sounding guitar, highly responsive to playing dynamics with a clear definition of the notes in solos and chords, specialy when using close intervals. At the same time the sound is not 'polished' but rather 'woody' with a nice grain in the texture.  It has a great sustain, amplifiable with different systems. It's easy to change the playing action under full string tension (with only one-key-turn) and it has a rear access panel to the inside of the instrument...

The Beetle-FT has basically everything you are looking for in an high-end acoustic archtop but with extra fullness and warmth of a flattop. Or, compared to a 'normal' flattop, the Beetle-FT has clearly more definition. Testable in my workshop, or I can also come to your place! (if not in NZ).
The flattop Beetel-FT (2020) is a mutation of the original Archtop Beetle-AT. (2018)

The BEETLE-AT, Archtop model

- Acoustic Archtop
- Spruce top and bridge (with lilac 'nut')
- Maple back/sides and neck

- Playing action can  easily be

   adjusted by pivoting neck angle

- Bog oak fingerboard
- Bartolini floating pick up
- Volume and tone controle under pickguard

- Hand rubed natural oil finish

- Size;  16.5 inch width

click  photos to enlarge

• LITTLE SISTER  / Petite Soeur

- Semi acoustic holow body Archtop
- One piece arched (and figured) ash top
- Alder body
- Maple neck & bridge (with lilac 'nut')
- Bog oak fingerboard

- Bartolini floating pick up
- Volume and tone controle in pickguard
- Hand rubed natural oil finish

- Size: 13,4 inch width

click  photos to enlarge

Little Sister

• ANOA  / Anoa

- One piece maple solid body
- Maple neck & bridge (with lilac 'nut')
- Bog oak fingerboard

- Bartolini floating pick up
- Volume and tone controle in pickguard
- Hand rubed natural oil finish

- Size: 13 inch width / 28mm thick !

Orders / Latest news

I currently have too many projects that are ongoing and already planned. I'm not taking any more orders at the moment because I'm afraid I can't control the timing anymore. Sorry for that

If you still want to be added to a waiting list or if you have any other questions or remarks, please send me a message.

Guiding prices and orders

Since each instrument is unique, it is not possible to quote an exact price for a new order.
If you want to order instruments like these above (or very similar), the price can vary up or down to 20% of the guiding price, depending on the model, the finish, the parts, the woods, inlays, ...
Many options can be discussed and adapted to your personal specs, needs and wishes.

Only when everything is clear to both parties (including details about term, warranty and shipping costs) the purchase procedure can be started: a non refundable advance of 25% when placing the order, 25% when I start building and the remaining 50% prior to shipment/delivery of the finished instrument. Waiting list at the moment is ± 2 year.

NOTE: Because I don't like too much the stress and pressure of working with deadlines I take a maximum of only 2 confirmed orders with a fixed delivery date. Additional orders (or wishes to make an order) are put on a waiting list but do not entail any obligation for either the potentional customer or for myself. When you are on the waiting list you will be informed when I am ready to start up your order and purchase procedure (if you are still interested of course). So being on the waiting list does not imply any obligation but we can already start thinking together about the guitar you would like to have. Quoted prices remain unchanged during the waiting and purchase period.

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Guiding prices and sales

• Beetle-AT , acoustic archtop: 17.000 € (only on order)
• Beetle-FT, acoustic flat-top: 8.500 € (only on order)

• Little Sister, holow-body electric archtop: 3.300 € (only on order)
• Anoa, solid body for sale at the moment: 2.220 € (see the Anoa-model in this video)

• Groove-Cat* Deluxe (full body semi-acoustic archtop) ±5000 €  / (only on order).

    *The Groove-Cat model can be ordered in different versions (but with the same Groove-Cat 'look').

     1 - Solid body (arched or not arched / different sizes)  from ± 2.000 € till ± 3.000 €

     2 - Thin hollow body semi-acoustic (arched or not arched / different sizes) from ± 3.300 € till ± 4.500 €

     3 - Full hollow body semi-acoustic (arched / different sizes) ± 5.000 €

     4 - Full acoustic archtop (different sizes) ± 8.500 €
     Final prices depend on the desired options; arched or not, types of wood, pick-ups (1 or 2), finishing, etc.

 - Prices are excl. shipping costs

 Contact me for details, questions, propositions or simply for comments via >this page< 

Planned new models for 2023/2024 :

- 'Beetle FT' acoustic nylon string cross over model.

- 'Beetle FT' acoustic bass.

E A R L Y   W O R K
(from the archives)

My  first  archtop guitars were largely inspired by the work of Jimmy D'Aquisto and John Monteleone. I visited John  several times in his  workshop on Long Island (NY).  He became spontaneously a kind of mentor just by talking  ideas about archtops and musical instruments in general.

The arched tops and backs are all precisely hand carved to ensure a typical responsive  acoustic  'archtop-sound'.  All guitars are equipped with a  floating magnetic pick-up that doesn't disturb the vibrations of the top.

 • Classic Archtop Jazz Guitars. 17"/18" models

Hendrik Breackman with an early 18" archtop (photo 2020)

• Flat-Top-Carved-Back Model /  FTCB

The acoustic FTCB  model is standing out particularly through his uncommon use of a carved and arched back as it is in archtop jazz guitars. This has the effect of projecting the vibrations more directly towards the sound hole and outside the guitar. Combined with a specific designed bracing pattern this results in a clear and precisely articulated voice.

 Peter Hertmans playing the FTCB model

 • Solid Hollow model (SH)

This model of  electric solid body guitar is based on the classic, ergonomic design of the Strat. However, the incorporation of internal resonance chambers gives it  an  own distinctively unique sound.

John Abercrombie / CD recording
Peter Hertmans
Hendrik Breackman
Hendrik Breackman with BJO
Hendrik Breackman
Laurent Stelleman

⬆︎⬆︎4 youtubes with Peter Hertmans

playing the SH model.

John Abercrombie playing the SH model  (Spotify)

Hendrik Breackman

playing the  SH model with Melike