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Guitars & Artists

Atelier Jacky Walraet, luthier


• The Beetle ...

   unique project

   new concept

   new shape

   new sound


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The Beetle, in progress...
The Beetle / Top
The Beetle#1 Back/Sides
Jon Gomm and the Beetle

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Variations on the Beetle are in the making:

Little Sister


• Flat-Top-Carved-Back Model /  FTCB

<< Peter Hertmans playing the

FTCB model in Trio setting


Track #2; 'What is..'

 from the  album: "The Other Side"

 / > Link to iTunes

The acoustic FTCB  model is standing out particularly through his uncommon use of a carved and arched back as it is in archtop jazz guitars. This has the effect of projecting the vibrations more directly towards the sound hole and outside the guitar. Combined with a specific designed bracing pattern this results in a clear and precisely articulated voice.

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 • Archtop Jazz Guitars / 17 and 18 inch models

My  first  archtop guitars were largely inspired by the work of Jimmy D'Aquisto and John Monteleone.

 I visited John  several times in his  workshop on Long Island (NY).  He became spontaneously a kind of mentor just by talking  ideas about archtops and musical instruments in general.

Me playing one of John Monteleone's arch tops in his workshop / Long island, New York 1994

The  tops and backs are all precisely hand carved to ensure a typical responsive  acoustic  'archtop-sound'.

 All guitars are equipped with a  floating magnetic pick-up that doesn't disturb the vibrations of the top.

 • Solid Hollow model (SH)

This model of  electric solid body guitar is based on the classic, ergonomic design of the Strat. However, the incorporation of internal resonance chambers gives it  an  own distinctively unique sound.

4 youtubes ⬆︎ with Peter Hertmans playing the

SH model.

John Abercrombie / CD recording
Peter Hertmans
Hendrik Breackman
Hendrik Breackman with BJO
Hendrik Breackman
Laurent Stelleman

Hendrik Breackman

playing a SH model / Melike

John Abercrombie playing the SH model