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JW with FTCB model

Guitar Shows

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My guitars were exhibited and played at the Holy Grail Guitar Show (Berlin) the Musicora show (Paris) and the Guitar Summit (Mannheim).

Next shows : 22, 23, 24 March 2019, Paris: SALON DE LA BELLE GUITARE
                          03, 04, 05 May 2019, Paris: Musicora  (with APLG)


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Jacky Bastek performing with the Beetle @ the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018

Peter Hertmans plays "Body and Soul" (video 1)

and "Wise One" (video 2) on "The Beetle" and on a FTCB model.

Guillaume Muschalle / live solo concert playing "Estate"

Guillaume Muschalle playing around "isn't she lovely" (Stevie Wonder)

@ the Musicora Show, Paris 2018. 

Sound recorded with the intern  camera mic.

Sorry for the festival noises !

Singer/Songwriter, Composer and Fingerstyle Guitarist Jacky Bastek playing/singing 'Space and Time' on 'the Beetle'. Acoustic recording @ myworkshop using two cardioid Neumann KMi microphones.

Recorded with a flat EQ, without any audio editing.


Thank you for your visit !

Jacky Walraet


10 min video recorded with a flat EQ, no  audio or video editing.

  Guitar player Hendrik Braeckman testing and commenting the new (not completely finished) Archtop Model named as "The Beetle", designed and made by Luthier Jacky Walraet. Stereo recording (X-Y technique) using two cardioid Neumann KMi microphones / D'Addario .011>.052 phosphor bronze strings Pure acoustic archtop unplugged sound !

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Part 2 and more  videos on my youtube channel

Jazz&Mo' Magazine#5

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Jazz&Mo' Magazine#5